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Ceramic Magnetic Stirrer

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Ceramic Magnetic Stirrer


  • Stretched shell and cover prevent leaking
  • Chemically resistant ceramic tops
  • PID controller with auto-tuning function
  • Heating and stirring can be used simultaneously, uniform temperature, heating fast and safety 
  • Heating power and stirring speed step less adjustable, max. temperature up to 380 degrees, max. speed up to 2000 rpm
  • Two year warranty
  • CE Marked



Technical Specification: 

Main technical Parameters

Maximum heating plate temperature 380 °C
Stirring speed 100-2000 rpm adjustable 
Heating plate dimensions square 190mm x 190mm  
Heating plate material Chemically resistant ceramic
Stirring capacity up to 5000ml liquid volume 
Heating power 600 watts
Height with support stand 390mm  
Electricity voltage requirements 220/240 volt, 50/60 Hz
Overall dimensions (LxWxH) 315mm x 190mm x 120mm
Weight 5.250 kg

The new ceramic hot plate stirrer is widely used for heating and stirring in the school, laboratory, industrial and mining. Food processing, biochemistry and agriculture for liquid.

Supplied complete with:

1. Support Stand
2. Adjustable thermometer/probe holder
3. PTFE-coated 1 inch Magnetic Stir Bar